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Julian Law Firm - personal injury
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Personal Injury, Workers Compensation officesWhen you face difficult legal decisions, you want the guidance and representation only an experienced, effective lawyer can offer. When you retain Julian Law Firm, you get a dedicated team of attorneys and staff protecting your interests as they guide you through the legal process.

Since 1971, we have been capably serving the residents of Washington, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities. We make sure you have the information and advice you need to make crucial decisions about the legal issues you are facing, whether you have suffered a personal injury, are going through the probate process, facing divorce or are making a commercial or residential real estate transaction.

Call us today at 724-705-0489 or toll-free at 888-586-5217 for a free initial consultation. You can also contact us online.

Julian Law Firm represents clients in a wide range of areas of law, including the following:

  • Personal injury: car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents; medical malpractice; premises liability; products liability
  • Disability Denials: social security disability appeals, long-term and short-term disability claims, disability retirement, ERISA appeals and all insurance policy denials
  • Probate and estate administration: representation and counsel in the legal process of administering, distributing and closing an estate following the death of a loved one
  • Family law: divorce, child custody, child support, property division
  • Real estate: representation and counsel in matters relating to the purchase or sale of commercial or residential real estate, including title searches, mortgage document review, closings, foreclosure
  • Workers' compensation: representation and counsel for injured workers who have been denied compensation, are facing termination or suspension, loss of use, or scars; and compromise and release agreements

The highest compliment we are paid is when we have the opportunity to serve a client in more than one area of the law over the years or we work with a new client referred to us from a previous client.

Our Experience Benefits You

We aggressively pursue favorable results for you, no matter which area of the law in which we are serving you. We are aggressive, but not unnecessarily confrontational. We professionally advocate your position, looking for a positive resolution in an efficient manner.

We have case administrators who help answer questions and communicate directly with you and your attorney, meaning you get your questions answered promptly and clearly. The administrators do not make legal decisions, but rather they serve as point-persons for cases, allowing attorneys to focus on the law and legal proceedings.

Please feel free to call us for a no-cost consultation. You can also get more information about how we can help you on our FAQ page.

Call Julian Law Firm at 724-705-0489 or toll-free at 888-586-5217 for a no-cost initial consultation. You can also contact us online.

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